Data protection notice

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General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

Articles 12–14

Date: 24 January 2020

Information on the processing of personal data in the Cancer Challenge competition

The data controller specified below shall process personal data of participants the Cancer Challenge competition (“Competition”). The purpose of this Data Protection Notice is to provide information on what personal data shall be processed in the Competition, the origins of said personal data and the way in which personal data will be processed. The final section of this data processing notice specifies the rights of you, the participant, have as a data subject. Participation in the Competition and the disclosure of personal data is entirely voluntary. Refusing to participate in the Competition or withdrawing from it will not incur any negative consequences to you. 

1. Data Controller of the Competition

University of Helsinki

Address: PL 3 (Fabianinkatu 33), 00014 Helsingin yliopisto

2. Contact person in matters relating to the Cancer Challenge competition

Name: Anu Korhonen

Unit: Viestintä ja yhteiskuntasuhteet

Address: PL 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8) 00014 HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO

Telephone: 02941 22246


3. Contact information of the Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer of the University of Helsinki may be contacted via email through:

4. Description of the Cancer Challenge competition

The purpose of the Competition is to accumulate proposals on prevention and treatment of cancer, as well as ideas to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Sumbissions for the Competition shall be made through a webform. Submissions may consist of or include text, audio, images and videos. The jury of the Competition shall reward the best submissions, and the submissions may be utilized in the planning of the European Cancer Mission (part of the Horizon Europe initiative of 2021-2027). The Competition has been described in more detail in the Competition’s rules. The primary organizer of the Competition is the University of Helsinki, in collaboration with the following:

  • HUS Helsinki University Hospital;
  • The National Cancer Centre FICAN
  • Cancer Society of Finland
  • The Association of Cancer Patients in Finland and other cancer patient associations,
  • Academy of Finland, and
  • the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

5. What personal data will be collected?

Participation in the Competition requires the disclosure of the following personal data to the Controller:

  • The name(s) of the participants;
  • The email adress of the primary participant
  • If the participant is participating in the ‘Organisation/company’ category, the name of the organization in question

Participation in the Competition does not explicitly require the disclosure or processing of the personal data specified below, but they might be included as a result of the initiative of the participant(s) and thus processed by the Controller:

  • Any personal data included within the competition sumbission, the contents of which are freely determined by the participants
  • Should a participant contact the Controller, the processing personal data included in the inquiry sent by the participant (as determined by the participant themselves) may be necessary to respond to the participant’s inquiry.

6. Sources of personal data

All personal data processed as part of the Competition shall be collected directly from the participants / data subjects.

7. Legal grounds for processing

The legal grounds for processing personal data as part of the competition is the following:

Consent of the data subject (GDPR Article 6.1(a)).

8. Sensitive personal data

The Controller does not intend to collect or process sensitive personal data.

However, the Controller cannot categorically state that no sensitive personal data shall be disclosed or processed by the Controller, as the participant’s competition submission may or may not include sensitive personal data of the participant or a third party.

In terms of a participant’s sensitive personal data included in the competition proposal. the Controller shall consider all such data to have been explicitly made public by the participant as meant in Article 9.2(e) of the GDPR.

Should a participants competition submission include sensitive personal data of a third party, the Controller shall process such data to the extent that it shall remove or redact it from the Competition submission. The grounds for processing sensitive personal data in such an instance shall be the legitimate interest of the Controller (GDPR 6.1(f) in conjunction with 9.2(a)).

9. Recipients of Personal Data

In addition to the employees of the Controller participating in the Competition, the personal data submitted by the participant shall be disclosed to the jury of the competition. The jury consists of persons representing patients, researchers and clinicians. The members of the jury act in a private capacity, not representatives of their employer organization. The members of the jury can be viewed on the following website: syöpä

The participants of the competition selected for the final shall present their proposal in a public event, in which certain personal data of the participants (i.e. name) and personal data included in the proposal shall become public knowledge.

Additionally, the proposal and the participant’s contact information may be disclosed to the members of the cancer mission board of the European Horizon initiative. Additional information regarding the cancer mission board and its objectives may be accessed via the following link:

10. Transfer of personal data outside of the EEA

Personal data shall not be transferred to countries not located in the European Economic Area.

11. Automated decision making

Personal data collected as part of the Competition shall not be used for the purposes of making automated decisions.

12. Duration of processing of personal data in the Competition      

The processing activities related to the Competition shall end by 31 May 2020 at the latest.

13. Processing of Personal Data after the Competition

The participant’s competition submissions and any personal data related thereto may be processed by the members of the Horzion Europe Cancer Mission Board (as specified in point 9 above) even after the competition. Identifiable personal data that collected as part of the competition that has not been made public shall be deleted by 31.12.2020 at the latest.

If a participant’s proposal is selected for execution, the Controller and/or representatives of the Cancer Mission Board may be in further contact with the participant for the purposes of executing the ideas contained within the proposal. Processing of personal data in this context is separate from the processing activities conducted as part of the Competition and as described in this notice.

14. Rights of the Data Subject

The contact person for data subjects regarding the use of a data subject’s rights is the person specified in point 2 above.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the following rights:

  • Right to access the personal data
  • Right to rectify inaccurate personal data
  • Right to withdraw consent and erasure of data
  • Right to demand restriction of processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to object to the processing of personal data
  • Right not to be subjected to automatic decision making

Please note that a data subject may not be able to utilise all their rights in every circumstance, as the data subject’s rights are dependent on the legal basis of processing described above in points 7 and 8.

More exact information regarding the data subject’s rights in differenct situations can be accessed via the following link:  

Please note that if a participant chooses to withdraw their consent / utilise their right to be forgotten before the final of the competition, this inevitably results in that participant’s withdrawal from the Competition.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

You can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal data. However, you have also the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office if you think your personal data has been processed in violation of applicable data protection laws.

Contact details:

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

Visiting address: Ratapihantie 9, 6. krs, 00520 Helsinki

Postal address: PL 800, 00521 Helsinki

Switchboard: 029 56 66700