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Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world, and most common by 2030. Every other Finnish person born now will have cancer in their lifetime. This is why EU challenges cancer on a whole new level in 2020. 

How can we make cancer research, treatment and life with cancer better?

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Up to 40% of cancers would be preventable on the European level. For example, cervical cancer could be eradicated almost completely with vaccines already available. Also personal choices have an impact for example in regard to smoking, alcohol use and exposure to sun. Finland screens for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer.

How could prevention be improved and where should priorities be placed?

Personalized treatment

Cancer classification is becoming more and more fragmented, and two identical cancers do not exist. Increasing knowledge on genetic changes and other characteristics of individual cancers may enable precisely tailored treatments. Research provides new knowledge that can be leveraged in developing new treatments, changing treatment of cancer toward a more and more individualized direction. Personalized treatment is sometimes expensive and challenges healthcare systems and professionals.

How can we promote development of cancer treatments in the future and ensure that each cancer patient gets the best possible treatment?

Strengthening the patient’s voice

The active participation of patients and their loved ones is an important part of high quality treatment of cancer. Patients should have an important role in developing new cancer treatments or when setting the rules and best practices guiding research, health data, or product development. A cancer diagnosis is never easy to accept, and the cancer journey always leaves a longstanding impact.

In which areas and how should the patient’s voice be strengthened?

Society and equality

We all know someone whose encountered cancer. Therefore cancer touches all of us and has a significant societal impact in several areas. Every cancer patient in Finland should receive equal high-quality care and societal support regardless of where the patient lives or other circumstances.

How is equal cancer care and possibility to participate in trials ensured for everyone living in Finland?

How do you challenge cancer in your life or work? #syöpähaaste

How could we benefit from patients' observations and perceptions in cancer care?

Is it possible to beat cancer once and for all?

How does a university challenge cancer?

How are we able to give everyone equal access to treatment?

What does personalized cancer treatment mean?

Take part in the Cancer Challenge

How can we make cancer research, treatment and life with cancer better?

Your idea may be a solution to an everyday problem, a preposition for a research project or a future vision on how to solve complex problems related to cancer. It may also be an observation or experience of challenges you have faced or witnessed.

Individual category: I prize 1000€, II prize 400€, III prize 100€
Organisation or Company category: I prize 5000€, II prize 2500€, III prize 1000€
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Finalists will be called to present their ideas on stage on March 16th at Tiedekulma, Helsinki, and winners will be selected by a jury. All ideas may be used in the European Union Cancer Mission.
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