Cancer Challenge Finland competition: Rules of participation and competition programme

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The rules of the Cancer Challenge Finland competition consist of the following parts: I. Competition Programme, II. Competition Bodies, III. Additional provisions (“Rules”).


I. Name and organiser of the Competition

The name of the competition is ”Cancer Challenge Finland” (”Competition”).

The responsible organiser of the Competition is the University of Helsinki (”Organiser”). 

II. Description of the Competition and participation

The Competition is organized in Finland as an open competition meant for citizens, health professionals, researcher groups, companies and other organisations. The objective of the Competition is to generate new ideas and opportunities for measures that prevent or improve the treatment of cancer, or improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

The Competition has two participant categories 1. The ‘Individual’ category and 2. The ‘Organisation/company’ category. The criteria for the categories as well as the right to participate in the Competition are determined by section III.1 below.

The Competition is a two-stage idea contest.

Participation in the competition requires that the participating person(s) (“Participant”) submits a proposal that addresses the objectives of the Competition mentioned above (“Proposal”). The Proposal must be submitted by submitting a completed electronic form at the Competition’s webpage (Finnish version

The Jury (see II.1 below) shall evaluate the Proposals and choose those to be invited to the final from both participant categories. The criteria for evaluating are innovativeness, feasibility, and impact on prevention, treatment or life after cancer. The evaluation also takes into account the circumstances of the presenter to the extent expressed in the proposal.

Participants selected as finalists are invited to pitch their ideas at the Competition final March 16, 2020 7-9 pm at Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki). Here the Jury shall select the winners and awardees in both categories from amongst the finalists.

III. Schedule

The Competition shall take between 4 February 2020 – 23 February 2020.

The Competition shall be launched via the campaign website of the Cancer Challenge on 4 February 2020, after which Proposals may be submitted.

A more detailed description of the Competition and relevant material may be accessed at the Competition website

The winners and awardees of the Competition and shall be announced at the Compeition final March 16, 2020, and soon thereafter on the Competition website.

IV. Proposals

The language of the Competition shall primarily be Finnish. Proposals may be in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The Participant must submit their Proposal via the electronic participation form available on the Competition’s webpage: Proposals submitted by any other means shall not constitute valid participation in the Competition.

Proposals must be submitted as detailed above by February 23, 2020 by 11.59 pm Finnish time.

In order to be eligible, the Proposal in its entirety must be novel and unpublished. The winning Proposals and the ideas contained therein must illustrate originality. The criteria for evaluating are innovativeness, feasibility, and impact on prevention, treatment or life after cancer. The evaluation also takes into account the circumstances of the presenter to the extent expressed in the Proposal. The Jury reserves the right to select and determine the most deserving Proposals at their discretion to be the winners of the Competition.

The Proposal may include any attachments allowed by the electronic participation form, such as images or photographs to the extent that the Participant deems necessary to illustrate their idea. Additionally, the Participant may choose to attach a video as part of their submission by providing a link to the video in the electronic participation form. Submission of attachments, such as images, videos or other attachments is not required.

In conjunction with submitting their Proposal, the Participant is required to consent to the processing of their personal data as described in the Competition’s data protection notice, as well as accept these rules and the provisions and obligations specified herein, with special note given to the Creative Commons licensing of submitted Proposals. Additionally, the Participant shall warrant that prior to submission, the Participant possesses the necessary rights to the material included and the ideas presented in the Proposal.

After submitting a Proposal, the contact information of the Participant(s) shall be relayed electronically to the Organiser and thereafter to the Jury, both of whom shall process personal data contained in such contact information in accordance to the data protection notice of the Competition. Submitted Proposals shall be kept confidential until the final, after which the Proposals of the finalist Participants shall become public. Regardless of whether a Proposal has been included in the final, suitable Proposal may be further utilised in the manner specified in Section III.4 below. Intellectual property rights in regards to the content of the Proposals and their use shall follow the provisions of Section III.4 below.

V. Awards

Awards shall be granted to the 1st – 3rd ranked Proposals in both Participant categories, as chosen by the Jury of the Competition. In addition, the Jury may award honorable mentions. The awardees shall be announced in the Cancer Challenge final on 16 March, 2020.

The awards include a monetary award. In the ‘Individual’ category the monetary awards are 1000 euros (1st prize), 400 euros (2nd prize) and 100 euros (3rd prize). In the ‘Organisation/company’ category the monetary awards are 5000 euros (1st prize), 2500 euros (2nd prize), and 1000 euros (3rd prize).

The monetary awards will be paid to the winners within one month of the final of the Competition.

If an insufficient number of Proposals are received or the quality of the Proposals is below a generally acceptable level, prior to the final, the Jury has the right to divide the sums of the awards in a different manner or reduce award sums, with such a decision being subject to a unanimous decision by the Jury.

VI. Questions relating to the Competition

Questions relating to the Competition should be directed to the Organiser. Questions related to participation in the Competition must be sent via email before 20 February 2020 using the following email address: It is requested that questions relating to the Competition be titled “Question regarding the Cancer Challenge competition). Answers and replies to questions will be sent primarily via email.


I. Jury

The finalists and awardees of the Competition shall be chosen by a jury that consists of experts in fields related to cancer and public engagement, as well as representatives of cancer patients (“Jury”).

The members of the Jury are as follows:

Chairperson: Mirjami Tran Minh, project coordinator and senior specialist, Association of Cancer Patients in Filand

Tom Böhling, vice rector, University of Helsinki

Janita Niemelä, Research Nurse, Helsinki Biobank

Anitta Ahonen, comedienne

Mikko Siukosaari, communications expert

II. Competition Officer

The Organiser has appointed a competition officer (”Competition Officer”), whose task it is to register the Proposals and collate them for the Jury. The Competition Officer shall participate in Jury meetings, but will not have the right to vote.

The Competition Officer is:

Professor Tomi Mäkelä


I. Right of Participation

The ‘Individuals’ category of the competition is open for Proposals by private individuals, either alone or as a group, provided that the criteria of the ‘Company or Organisation’ category are not fulfilled. Proposals by students or groups thereof shall constitute a part of the ‘Individuals’ category.

The Organisation/company’ category is open to private companies, research groups and other similar organised groups. Private individuals may not participate in the ‘Organisation/company’ category.

If necessary, the Participant must justify their choice of category to the Jury. The Organiser may at its discretion reallocate a Participant into another category, should a given Participant be more suited to the latter.

Participation in the Competition is barred from the following:

  • the Competition Officer,
  • Members of the Jury, as well as partners of companies and close relations of members of the Jury.
  • Persons involved in the planning or organisation of the Competition or the drafting of these Rules to the extent that it would provide such a person with an unfair advantage as compared to other Participants.

II. Excluded Proposals

The following Proposals shall be automatically excluded from consideration:

  • Proposals by barred persons as meant in Section III.1.
  • Proposals submitted after the deadline (23.59, 23 February 2020)
  • Proposals that do not fulfil the criteria set out in these Rules

If the exclusion of a Proposal according to the above is ambiguous, the Jury has the right to make the final decision on the matter. 

III. Return of Proposals

The Organiser shall not return Proposals. The Organiser shall destroy all original Proposals before 31 December 2020.

IV. Use of Proposals and Intellectual Property Rights

It is intended that suitable Proposals (as determined by the Jury) shall be applied in tangible actions that improve cancer care and research. Suitable Proposals of the ideas contained therein may be submitted, amongst others, to the EU Commission’s Horizon Europe programme’s Cancer Mission board (additional information:, which shall evaluate the feasibility of putting suitable Proposals into action throughout the EU. Proposals may be put into practice on a national level in Finland as well.

In order to allow the intended future use of the Proposals, from the moment of their submission, all Proposals and their contents (including ideas) that fall under copyright shall be subject to the Creative Commons BY 4.0 -license. The Participant must accept the aforementioned licensing terms in order for them to be able to submit a Proposal.  The CC BY 4.0 license allows for the re-use and modification of the Proposals, provided that the original authors are named and changes to the Proposal made by others are distinguishable. Further information regarding this license can be accessed via the following link:

If a Proposal contains material subject to other intellectual property rights than copyright, submission of the Proposal shall not affect the ownership of such additional intellectual property rights, nor is the Participant required to grant a license to such rights for use after the Competition. However, the Participant shall grant the Organiser and other Bodies a free license to all material included in the Proposal for the purposes of conducting the Competition.

Notwithstanding the above, it is the joint intent of both the Organiser and the Participant to collaborate and determine the terms by which a suitable Proposal may be put into practice.

The Participant warrants that they have generated the Proposal independently and as a result of their own work, and that the Participant has not attempted to copy a pre-existing idea or other Proposal. Should a third party claim that the Proposal is violates that third party’s intellectual property rights as they exist in Finland, the Participant must cooperate with the Organiser in clarifying the matter, such as by giving the Organiser necessary documentation regarding the preparation of the Proposal. If a Participant has violated the intellectual proprerty rights of a third party wilfully or through gross negligence, the Participant shall be responsible to the Organiser for direct damages caused incurred by the Organiser by such violation.

V. Participant’s Acceptance of Rules

In conjunction with submitting their Proposal, the Participant shall consent to the processing of their personal data as described in the Data Protection Notice, as well as accept these rules, including the Competition Programme and the provisions and obligations specified herein, with special note given to the Creative Commons licensing of submitted Proposals. Additionally, the Participant shall warrant that prior to submission, the Participant possesses the necessary rights to the material included and the ideas presented in the Proposal.

Such acceptance shall constitute a binding approval of these Rules on part of the Participant, regardless of whether the Participant is an individual or a group.

VI. Disputes

Disputes relating to the Competition shall be addressed to the Jury, who shall give a final, binding resolution on the dispute.